Gerdrup Main Building


Gerdrup is a privately owned manor house with a main building from 1864. The place is rented for one party at a time and offers a unique atmosphere with its beautiful historic buildings surrounded by the beautiful nature.

When you enter the gate of one of the old breeding buildings at Gerdrup, you are transported to another time.

A historical experience

Gerdrup is today owned by the descendants of Victor Quistgaard who built the present main building in 1864.

The main building is used by the family as a gathering place at feasts and other times.

The house stands today with the original furniture from the beginning of the 20th century. This setting gives guests a unique insight into manor life as it once was.

Local experiences

There are good places to eat, beautiful nature and many activities in Skælskør and the surrounding area.

We’ve listed some of the things we recommend here.