Below we have collected selected activities in the area around Gerdrup.
Skælskør is an active city and at the City Office, you can get inspiration for many more activities.

Skælskør (approx. 5 km.)
Has all grocery stores

Slagelse (approx. 20 km.)
Has a larger selection of grocery stores as well as clothing, sporting goods stores, etc.

Kobæk beach (approx. 10 km)
Address: Kobækvej 85, 4230 Skælskør
Read more about Kobæk beach

Walk around Skælskør Nor
Read more about Skælskør Nor
Download leaflet about Skælskør Nor

Forest tower and climbing park (approx. 50 km)
Read more about the Forest Tower

Holmegaard Værk – Design museum (approx. 40 km.)
Read more about Holmegaard Works

Trelleborg Viking Museum (approx. 20 km)
Read more about Trelleborg

Guldagergården – ceramics exhibitions (5 km.)
Read more about Guldagergård

You can play golf in Korsør Golfklub by paying (even without being a member of another golf club)
and it is also possible to rent equipment.
Read more about Korsør Golf

You can play tennis in Skælskør tennis club by paying 50 DKK per hour per player.
Read more about Skælskør Tennis

There is a football field in Skælskør that you can play on.

Bicycle rental in Slagelse
Fribikeshop in Slagelse (approx. 20 km.)
Telephone no. 58521608
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Bicycle rental in Skælskør
It is possible to rent bicycles in several places in Skælskør
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The fish bar in Bisserup
Bisserup Havnevej 66, 4243 Rude
Open 12-21 Thursday to Sunday.
Table reservations are not possible. Open mid-May to mid-September.

At Bojesen
Algade 7, 4230 Skælskør
Tel. 8173 4590

The Chief Master
Gammelgade 23, 4230 Skælskør
Tel. 2179 7163

Restaurant Solsikken
Havnevej 6, 4230 Skælskør
Tel. 5819 0349

Cafe 45
Havnevej 9, 4230 Skælskør
Tel. 5819 1439

Restaurant Kobæk
Kobækvej 90, 4230 Skælskør
Tel. 5819 1050

Carl Peter
Havnearkaderne 9, 4220 Korsør
Tel. 5364 0793