The property is only rented to one group at a time. Guests have access to all the facilities of the main building, including the 4 living rooms and 14 bedrooms, as well as the four-hectare park.

The surrounding natural areas make staying at Gerdrup an opportunity for several social events. Guests have the opportunity to go walking or running in the surrounding beautiful nature. From the park at Gerdrup there is a connection to the nature trails around Skælskør Nor and to the surrounding forests.

There is also the possibility to swim from Kobæk beach, located about 7 km from Gerdrup.

Gerdrup is rented out for several different purposes:

Holidays – Gerdrup is suitable for holidays in a larger group, as the house offers good facilities for everyone to be together or do activities separately.

Family events – The place allows several generations of a family to be together for a festive celebration or cosy get-together.

Companies and organisations – Gerdrup has the facilities to put together the best possible meeting structure, whether for working in plenary in a larger room or group work in smaller rooms.

Film location – Gerdrup has been used in many contexts to create beautiful historical settings, most recently in the Zentropa series “The Dreamer” about the life of Karen Blixen, as well as for film and TV shoots where there is a need to work without disturbance.

Gerdrup is mainly rented out without catering. You can make an agreement with a local catering company to ensure that the food is adapted to special wishes and needs, or guests can cook for themselves in the house’s two kitchens.

Gerdrup is not rented out for weddings, as this has proved to be too much of a strain on the house and furnishings.

Number of bedrooms: 20 (summer), 14 (winter)

Number of beds: 32 (summer) 22 (winter)


4 living rooms and a veranda

Bedrooms: 20 (summer), 14 (winter)

Beds: 32 (summer), 22 (winter)

2 kitchens

1 Dining room with seating for 20 people

6 toilets

5 bathrooms

1 fireplace

1 grand piano

4 hectares park


If you are interested in renting Gerdrup, send an inquiry – please write for what purpose and for what period. We will get back to you as soon as possible.